Assessor's Office

Pocahontas County Assessor's Office

Assessor - Tom Lane

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Mapping and Transfers Department

Jimmy Boggs

Tina Kershner

Real Estate and Personal Property Department

Adam Wright

Tina Kershner

Rick Miller

Monica Green

Contact Us:

900 Tenth Avenue Suite C

Marlinton, WV 24954

Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (holidays off)

Phone: 304-799-4750                                       Fax:  304-799-6132

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my dog license?

Pocahontas County requires dog owners to register their dogs and acquire a tag for each dog to wear on his/her collar.  These tags may be purchased at the County Assessor’s Office located in Marlinton. The price of the tag varies based on where you live.  If you live in a corporation (Marlinton, Hillsboro, and Durbin) the tags are $6 each.  In all other unincorporated areas in the county the tags are $3 each.

What factors determine my tax rate?

The tax rate is set each year by the County Commission at the second meeting in April.  The rates are different for districts and corporations.  The rate also varies between classes (Class II and Class III). 

            Personal House – Class II

            Vacant land – Class III

            Rental property/business – Class III

                        * In a corporation (Marlinton, Hillsboro, Durbin) Class III is Class IV


How am I assessed?

            *          Commercial vs. Residential

            *          City vs. Country

            *          Size

            *          Farm land

            *          Percentage of purchase price